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Fulfill Your Pizza Dreams at Kesté Pizza & Vino



Pizza is without a doubt one of New York City’s food staples. Upon almost every corner you can find a spot shelling out $1 slices and people travel from all over to get their hands on a gooey NY slice. But those seeking a more traditional pizza have fewer options to choose from. There are quite a few restaurants in the city that boast their Neapolitan-style pizzas, but one of our favorites is Kesté Pizza & Vino.


The business recently opened their third New York location down in the Wall Street area, charmingly decorated to look like a traditional Italian pizzeria. With over 70 types of Neapolitan ‘zas on offer, it’s no surprise that the restaurant has been hailed as one of the “Best Pizza Places in the US” by Food Network Magazine. All original creations by Mastro Pizzaiuolo Roberto Caporuscio, Kesté offers everything and more, with options ranging from gluten-free to fried pizzas.



And while we highly recommend heading to one of their locations to enjoy their renowned pizzas for yourselves, we also suggest getting your hands dirty at one of their pizza making classes! Held every Saturday from 2-5pm at their Wall Street location, the class includes hands-on instruction to the art of Neapolitan pizza making by owner and pizzaiola Giorgia Caporuscio. Attendees will not only be provided with ingredients, toppings, a glass of wine and apron, but they’ll also go home with a gift bag of products from the cooking school’s sponsors. (Pizza making classes are $80 per person or $50 per person for a group of 10+.) We recently had the opportunity to join Kesté, along with top pizzaioli from Naples and all over the US to try our hands at making their delicious ‘za for ourselves and had so. much. fun. 



And as if things couldn’t get better, Kesté’s Williamsburg location recently launched Marathon Pizza, offering all-you-can-eat pizza served by the slice for just $20. Stop by Monday-Friday from 5-9:30pm or weekends between 11:30am and 9:30pm and you can throw back as much pizza as you can within the 2-hour time limit. 



Let’s face it: we know you love pizza. So get your butts to Kesté Pizza & Vino and eat like a king. We wouldn’t mind you bringing us back a slice, either.
Twisted Talk: Have you ever had Neapolitan pizza before? What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)? Discuss below!

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