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Fun with Festival Fashion


With the Spring season comes the birds, flowers, sunshine…and, of course, festivals! Now that the weather is getting warmer, you will see that a lot of festivals have begun and most notably is Coachella. And if you haven’t heard of Coachella, then you need to get out of that rock you are living under. While Coachella is an annual music arts festival that focuses on music, it seems that a lot of the focus tends to revolve around the bohemian chic clothing that is worn by the audience that attends these types of festivals. With the last weekend of Coachella upon us, and other festivals right around the corner (Lollapalooza, Burning Man, Governor’s Ball, etc.), there’s not time to be wasted!

From tank tops and fringe sandals to comfortable shoes and chic accessories, the key to having fun at this Spring and Summer’s festivals is wearing an outfit that is not only light comfortable, but showcases your sense of style. While many people want to gravitate towards a bohemian type of a vibe, why not go ahead and mix it up a little bit this year? As we approach the last weekend of Coachella, check out some ideas to get you started.



If you are going for a more glamorous look when choosing what shoes to wear, make sure to take some Solemates with you! Solemates will help protect your heels and it will reduce the pressure that you put on your heels when wearing those knock-out sexy heels. The heels are protected from all surfaces and are very easy to use. You just attach them to your stiletto heels to prevent you from sinking in the grass (perfect for festivals) and it gives you increased support at the heel. The Solemate High Heeler comes in three different sizes (narrow, classic, and wide) and are available in four colors (clear, silver, black, and gold). For those that want to spend their time wearing comfortable and sensible shoes, eos and Keds have partnered together to bring us an unlikely combination. The eos x Keds Collection brings you Champion eos Passion Fruit, Champion eos Blueberry Acai, and the Double UP eos Pomegranate Raspberry. The colors of the shoes and the flavors were all inspired by the sunny spring and summer season and are available at Shoe Carnival. If you still want glamour and comfort then check out the cute selection of sandals that Carolinna Espinosa has. Their gladiator-inspired sandals are perfect for festivals!


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While it may not be cold during the Spring, you may need to wear a shawl for the chilly nights while navigating through the concerts. Midwest Crochet has shawls in vibrant colors that range from $130 up to $175, which also make great cover-ups for those itty bikinis. Block the sun rays with glasses from Shauns, which range from classic to quirky styles, and hats from Alekka like the Eugenia Kim Bianca Braided hat. If you need big bold statement jewelry pieces, then Alekka also has a wide variety for you to choose from. From the Karen London ‘Desert Moon’ Ring ($53) to the Lionette ‘Adina’ Hand Chain ($180), you’ll be making a statement even if the rest of your outfit is more subdued.


Boho Chic Clothing


When it comes to choosing what you are going to wear you can go loose and comfortable or sexy and hot. Alicia Bell and Buckley K are two big e-commerce brands that have a great selection of shirt dresses and loose tunics to choose from. Not only will they keep you cool during the hot days of summer, but they’ll also keep you looking cool! When those desert days get to be too hot, you have those that love to wear bikini tops and shorts or peasant tops and tunics like the ones that are available through Heather Blond and Bikini.com.

So whether you want to swing over to the bohemian side or try something different this year, it is always nice to mix and match your style. Festivals are the perfect venue to try new things without a care in the world. So go out there mix and match your style, let your sense of style fun free, and have fun!

Twisted Talk: What do you like to wear during festival fashion season? Do you have any favorite outfits that you gravitate towards? Discuss below!

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