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Get Lucky with These Deals on St. Patrick’s Day


Well, it has arrived. The one day of the year when it is totally acceptable (for the most part) to get dressed up as a leprechaun and drink so much that you won’t be able to see straight. When the Guinness flows like a river and the Jameson shots never end. When the Irish rule the world and shamrocks are in abundance. I am speaking, of course, about St. Patrick’s Day. It takes place this Tuesday, March 17th, and what better place to celebrate with some merry debauchery than in New York City? Like any other day of worship, St. Patrick’s Day is being promoted and celebrated in a number of bars and restaurants across the city. Although some of us in the service industry will be working all day and night (ahem, me) it’s still necessary for as many people as possible to know all of the incredible deals being offered on that day throughout Manhattan. Here are some of the places you’ve got to check out while celebrating the one and only Saint Patrick….


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55 Irving Place
This Mediterranean restaurant will be giving out a beer and flatbread special for only $12 all day on St. Patrick’s Day. The choices of flatbread include roasted eggplant, braised lamb, tuna and pickled peppers, as well as scallop ceviche. They boast an admirable beer list, including Ommegang Hennepin, Narragansett Coffee Milk, and Sovereign Cider—craft drafts extremely hard to find anywhere else!

Sons of Essex
133 Essex Street
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this spot is offering a happy hour that lasts all night long, starting at 6 pm. This deal includes two for one Jameson shots, $5 margaritas, and $3 Bud Lights. That’s not all—the bar is also offering competitive drinking games for all the playful lads and lassies out there. You don’t want to miss this.

2178 Broadway
This bar, located inside of NYLO hotel, is actually transforming their space into the hills of Ireland on the 17th. Starting at 7 pm, people can drink green beer for $9 and green cocktails for $12, all while listening to traditional Gaelic music. There will also be St. Patrick Day-themed giveaways, so anyone could walk away a winner!

Smith & Wollensky
797 3rd Avenue
This awesome steakhouse is going to be serving the Irish favorite come this St. Patrick’s Day—yup, you guessed it…corned beef! This comes complete with the traditional sides of cabbage and potatoes. This is the only time it will be offered here, so you can’t miss this opportunity.

The Lion
62 West 9th Street
The Lion is also offering a traditional Irish dinner for the special day! They, too, have corned beef and cabbage, as well as a traditional shepherd’s pie and an “Irish Delight” for dessert. Wondering what an Irish Delight could possibly be? Well, it’s whiskey chocolate mousse, Guinness caramel, and Bailey’s anglaise. My mouth is watering just writing about it. They will also be providing an Irish coffee bar, featuring Clontarf Irish whiskey!

In Vino
215 East 4th Street
This Italian restaurant is getting into the swing of things on St. Patrick’s Day with a special dish called Bollito Misto di San Patrizio, an Italian take on corned beef and cabbage. It is comprised of beef brisket, beef tongue and cotechino with chicken brood, over braised red cabbage and salsa verde, with mustard vinaigrette and horseradish cream on the side. It’s a mouthful to say and a delicious mouthful it will be!

Grand Central Oyster Bar
256 5th Avenue (Brooklyn)
Grand Central Oyster Bar’s Brooklyn location is going to be serving up pints of Dublin Oyster stout and Irish Stout Granita for just $6 all day on the 17th,. They’ve also added a few new food menu items in honor of the holiday- Irish fisherman’s stew, Shillelagh mussels with a Jameson stock broth, Oyster stout fish and chips, Dublin Irish cheese-crusted whitefish, and a Jameson and Bailey’s custard trio for dessert. I feel full and happy at just the thought.

A few other places to be on the lookout for who are offering Paddy’s Day treats:
Bantam Bagels (283 Bleecker Street) will be serving “The Lucky”- Green bagels with white chocolate mint cream cheese.
Jus By Julie (2166 East 5th Street & 1212 Avenue M, Brooklyn) will be serving a very green Sweet Spin JUS and booster shot.
Zaro’s (501 7th Avenue) will be doing an Irish-themed twist on their traditional black & white cookie.

If I were you, I would try to get to as many of these places as possible and really drink in the Irish culture (of course the pun was intended). Just make sure to be safe, drink responsibly, and always tip your server and bartender! Cheers!

Twisted Talk: How do you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Will you be concocting any green cocktails? Discuss below!

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