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Get Ready to Dunk It at Taureau



On a chilly New York night, stepping into restauranteur and chef Didier Pawlicki’s Taureau will instantly warm you up. Maybe it’s the old-school exposed brick walls and ceilings. Maybe it’s the French wine. Maybe it’s the jovial atmosphere. Or maybe it’s the fondue. Yes, fondue is the name of the game at this SoHo restaurant.


Save room when going to dine here because three courses of fondue will certainly fill you up, not that we’re complaining. Start off with the cheese course, of which there are seven different varieties to choose from. Some of the outstanding cheese fondue options include Perigord (18 months old parmesan, white American, truffle mushroom and truffle oil), Old Swiss (180 days old traditional Swiss), Pyrenees (mixed Swiss based with white wine, garlic and nutmeg), and Soprano (180 months old parmesan, white American). Served with salad and freshly baked croutons, it’s hard not to over-indulge on this course, as each fondue is better than the next. Of course, side dishes are welcome to join in the party, with plenty of vegetable options, fruits and cured meats.


The meat course comes next, which allows you a choice of filet mignon, hanger steak, pork tenderloin or chicken breast, along with oil and broths such as canola, olive, vegetable or red wine. House-made dipping sauce also accompany the course, which only enhance the flavors of the meat, which cooks in seconds. Of course you must save room for the dessert course because you won’t be able to say no to chocolate fondue. Both dark and milk chocolate fondues are available, which come with a seasonal fruit tray, marshmallows, banana cake and white chocolate cake for dipping.

The intimate spot is perfect for a friends night out or a cozy date night and with the cooler weather rolling in, now is the perfect time to go!

Twisted Talk: When’s the last time you had fondue? Have you dined at Taureau before? Discuss below!



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