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Get the Scoop on Verizon FiOS

via TechnologyTell

via TechnologyTell

With a wide selection of internet and cable services at your disposal, it can be a difficult choice trying to find the right one for your needs. New Yorkers are often stuck with whatever company happens to provide their services at your building, and unfortunately don’t have as many options as the rest of the country. Most people stick to more well-known services like Time Warner and RCN, but Verizon FiOS should be at the top of your radar.

What exactly is FiOS, you ask? Verizon FiOS is a fiber-optic network that provides bandwidth to homes in need. Other fiber-optic networks utilize a combination of both copper and fiber optics, but FiOS is the only one bringing you 100% fiber optics to your door. This means faster service and an unparalleled experience. Currently, the average internet download speed in the United States is 10.5 Mbps, but with FiOS Quantum Internet, you can access the fastest wifi available from any provider, ensuring that you can download, upload, stream and more without any unwanted interruptions or delays.


Similarly, FiOS Quantum TV allows users up to 12 show simultaneously (RCN, step your game up), as well as store up to 200 hours of HD content. Yeah, it sounds insane, but it’s true. And unlike many Tivo and DVR options, you can record a show on one tv and watch it from another. Hassle free is the way to be!

To learn more about Verizon FiOS and see if it’s available in your area, click here.

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Twisted Talk: Are you a Verizon FiOS customer? What’s your favorite feature? Discuss below!

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