Bottoms Up, Girls' Night In — March 20, 2017 at 2:15 pm

Girls’ Night In: Detox Tea Time



It’s officially the first day of Spring, and that means everyone’s newly invigorated to clean house, amp up their workouts and eat healthy in preparation for summer. And while all these things sound good, we believe it’s important to practice what you preach all year long. So instead of trying the latest and greatest trendy detox diet, we opt for tried and true tea!

One of the latest from the Kusmi Tea line, Blue Detox ($22.40) is the perfect spring sip to get your ready and raring to go. The Caribbean-inspired tea contains a blend of maté, green tea and rooibos, along with sweet and fruity pineapple flavor. While not normally a fan of sweeter teas, this one expertly blends the sweeter fruit taste with a pinch of mint, making it a must-have this season.


While we tried it piping hot during the recent snowstorm, we’d bet that this would also make for a great iced tea and we can’t wait to try it out once the weather starts cooperating.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite kind of tea? How are you celebrating the first day of Spring? Discuss below!

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