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Grain-focused Pizzeria in NoMad is a Home Run

via Manhattan Digest Credit: Jason Greenspan

via Manhattan Digest
Credit: Jason Greenspan

PN Wood Fire Pizza is the newest addition to the blossoming food scene north of Madison Square Park. PN stands for Pecore Nere, or black sheep, because this is a place where no one is afraid to stand out. Utilizing ancient grains, which are not refined nor enriched, is a cornerstone of the business model at PN. Each pizza is made to order with your choice of multigrain or stone-ground flour, along with six other flour options for an ultra-personalized pizza experience.

Open for only four months, this quaint and cozy pizzeria will no doubt evolve into a neighborhood gem as well as a sought after pizza destination. The walls are decorated with giant bags of flour, with conversation starting canvases plastered with descriptions of each ancient grain used in all of PN’s delicious pizzas.

Owner Giacomo Baldi greets you with a firm handshake and a warm smile, welcoming you into his restaurant as if it were his living room. His knowledge of food and wine, as well as his charming and relaxed attitude make for an excellent pairing.

Here’s what we ate:

Prosciutto Mozzarella Crostini


A heartier take on bruschetta, this well balanced crostini was a fantastic way to kick off my meal.

Eggplant Parm

eggplant parm

This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. The eggplant is grilled instead of fried, changing the entire concept of a classic Italian staple. It made for a lighter, guilt-free version that made me feel like I was in a weightwatchers commercial…except it was delicious.

Truffle Meatballs

60% pork, 40% beef, and 100% truffle flavored, these meatballs give my mother’s a run for her money.


pesto gnocchi

There was a lot going on in this dish, and it seemed a bit ambitious for a restaurant marketing itself as a smarter pizzeria. Zucchini pesto flavored and topped with slivered almonds and pine nuts just seemed overwhelming for a pasta that is already dense to begin with.

Shrimp Pizza

shrimp pizza

If you are a seafood fanatic, this is a dream come true. This newest addition to the menu is bold and ambitious in a way that is completely successful. The abundance of pea shoots give it a light, springy feel. The multigrain crust smells earthy and has a weighty feel to it that is different from a semolina or a white flour, and actually balances the lightness of the shrimp very well.

Tartufo Pizza


As if you needed an excuse to order this, it was my favorite dish of the night. White pizza comprised of fresh mozzarella and raw Tuscan sheep’s milk so gooey and light that it feels like you’re eating a cheesy cloud. Artichokes and peppery pancetta complete the pizza’s substantial ingredients, but it is the black truffle puree that really brings it all together.

If you’re curious about the use of different kinds of grain for pizza dough, are in the NoMad area, or are just in the mood for a reasonably priced, stellar meal, swing by PN Wood Fire Pizza. You won’t be disappointed.

Twisted Talk: Have you tried out New York’s hot new pizzeria yet? What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Discuss below!

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