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Green Festivals: Coming Soon To A City Near You!



Want to be better friends with our mother earth? The word ‘green’ is more than just a color in today’s day and age and it’s important we all follow suit in any way we can. Many companies now have an entire section dedicated to sustainability and environment protection to better serve the people and planet. We all know the story — as the population grew, so did our ability to create, invent, and better many things we use in the household today.

All the genetically modified products are actually doing more harm than good and it’s time we make ourselves aware of just how great organic food and products are for our lives. Now this does not mean you need to throw away everything in your pantry right now and only buy organic, but what you can do is educate yourself on what products are right for you and your budget.


The Green Festival, which is in cooperation with Green America and Global Exchange, is America’s largest and longest running sustainability & green living event. Recently, their preview party was held at The Environment Furniture Showroom to kick off this wonderful event season. Here in attendance was Organic Spa Magazine, Beyond Sushi, Veev Acai Spirits, and many exhibitors that will be at all the events in cities around the nation, including New York City!


Beyond Sushi presented beautiful vegan and vegetarian sushi for attendees to taste. The colors and flavors of these rolls were so vibrant, healthy, and intense. Veev Acai Spirits and Tumeric juices were mixed into Coconut Mojitos and Pineapple Hibiscus Punch to keep things sweet, healthy, and refreshing.

veev-mojito            beyond-sushi

New York exhibitors included Anna’s Potions and Lotions, Alapure Cosmetics, Bean Field’s Snacks, Caru Skin Care, Eco-Friendly Printer, Emmy’s Organics, Fabled Frog, Mufetta Natural, Raw Revolution, Satva Remedies, Soap Boy Products, Soom Foods, Terra Nut, Violets are Blue and Soap Box Soaps. Here, they were able to mingle with guests and explain their products in a more intimate and casual setting.

Be sure to attend the next Green Festival in a city near you! The upcoming Green Festival in New York City takes place on April 26th and 27th – purchase your tickets now!

Twisted Talk: Are you looking forward to the upcoming Green Festival? Which exhibitors are you most excited to see? Discuss below!

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