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Heroes Reborn: Brave New World



Fans of the hit TV Show Heroes can rejoice this year because the hit TV show that went off the air back in 2010 is back with a TV mini-series, Heroes Reborn. Is this enough to satisfy the fans? Probably not. But as someone that was a huge fan of the original TV Series, I am so glad to see many of the old characters back on this show and a new storyline.

When you are watching a TV Show, you try your best to take everything in, which is sometimes hard to do. I found myself trying to keep up with not only this new mini-series, but also comparing it to the original series. Heroes Reborn: Brave New World is a tie-in book to this fascinating show. This is the first of six thrillers that will answer a lot of the questions that we are dying to know. There are instances in the show where we wonder what certain things are happening, and this book delves deeper into those events.

When reading the book, you have the ability to read what a character is thinking, which is helpful because you now have the ability to understand the character more fully. You learn more in this book than by just watching what the characters do on the TV show. Heroes Reborn: Brave New World is based off of the original drafts of the first episode of Heroes Reborn, which is why there are things in the book that are not in the TV show.

Brave New World brings back popular and recognizable characters like ‘HRG’ or Noah Bennett, as he is known to all, as well as the Haitian. This book details exactly what happens in the first episode. Written by David Bishop, Brave New World is the first in six thrillers and is available as an e-book on Amazon. Make sure to pick up a copy and watch Heroes. Heroes Reborn airs every Thursday at 8pm on NBC.

Twisted Talk: Are you a fan of the Heroes franchise? Will you be picking up a copy of the official tie-in book for this new miniseries? Discuss below!

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