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Hoodwinked Escape: Next Level Escape Room Adventures



A trip to Harlem is definitely worth it if you pay a visit to Hoodwinked Escape. Escape Rooms started popping up across the globe years ago, but have only grown in popularity since their debut. What exactly is an escape room? It’s a fun adventure game in which players are locked in a room and tasked with solving puzzles based on clues hidden throughout the room in order to escape.

At Hoodwinked Escape, there are four different themed rooms to choose from:


Hangover II – This fun party room brings you back to your college dorm. You ‘wake up’ to find that during last night’s rager someone stole the school mascot. You’ve got to find it before the dean busts you!


The Experiment – This spooky room brings you to Ward 116 where you have volunteered for a human research project. In order to survive the experiment, you most escape confinement and bring back to life one of the most infamous human subjects in history.


Spirit of Harlem – This room is all about the history of Harlem. You have the opportunity to experience both stories told and untold as you search to find the Crown Jewels of Harlem.


Spy Academy – Begin your journey as Agent X in the classroom of Spy Academy. Wanna graduate? You must successfully complete interrogation and overseas entrapment, among other top secret tests of emotional and mental strength.



Once you choose what room you’re in the mood for, get ready to have some fun! With only an hour to complete your mission, the pressure is on. Each room accommodates between 2-8 people, which makes it ideal for a fun friends night out, company team building, family affair or even a date. We tried our hand at The Experiment and it was both challenging and fun! We can’t wait to go back. If you’re looking for a unique experience in the city, this spot should definitely be on your list.


Twisted Talk: Have you ever been to an escape room before? Which room would you choose? Discuss below!

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