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Hot Fitness Products for Summer


Sweating it out during the hot Summer heat can be brutal…but totally worth it. Whether you’re into yoga, running, weight lifting, or anything else, there are a few workout essentials you need to make sure you have this Summer. Fear not — we’ve got you covered:



Every fitness buff needs a trusty water bottle to keep them hydrated during work outs. Tervis puts others to shame with their high-quality, personalized products. Not only do Tervis products come with a lifetime guarantee, but they come in endless designs, allowing customers to pick something that best suits their personality. Additionally, Tervis utilizes impressive insulating powers of air to dramatically reduce condensation and keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. The USA-made products are all dishwasher and microwave safe, come in different sizes, and even have the option of add-ons such as shake tops, handles and travel lids. Best of all, they are easy to carry and easy to drink from and clock in at only $20!


It’s important to refuel after a workout and as my trainers keep telling me, protein is the way to go. Designer Whey makes a variety of tasty products that will help to revitalize you after exercising. Made from natural, 100% premium whey protein, the products are specially formulated to provide increased strength, energy and power, along with faster muscle recovery and overall better health. They make everything from protein powders and shakes to tasty bars. We particularly love their Peanut Butter Crunch Protein Bars, which provide 10g of protein and taste way better than your average protein bar. Their Protein 2Go is perfect when you’re on the run and comes in small, individual packets that you can add to your water bottle and contains electrolytes, as well as 10g of protein. Their powders and shakes carry 18g of protein and are equally delicious, and also low calorie, especially compared to competitors. If you’re looking to refuel, Designer Whey is the right ‘whey’ to go!


Exercising outdoors during the Summer is a no-brainer. With beautiful weather and the great outdoors, getting your fitness on outside is the way to go. Now, with Naked Sports Gear, you can kill two birds with one stone by working out and tanning all at the same time. The company offers athletes amazing, one-of-a-kind, sports gear that is made with tan-through, moisture wicking material, meaning you can go for a run and not even get any tan lines! Their fashionable sports bras sell for $42, while their tank tops range from $65-$72. Guys, you can even get in on the fun with their golf shirts ($85)!



It might be a little bit of a splurge, but for a fitness fanatic, it is totally worth it. Flips Audio Headphones have introduced the first ever headphone that flips into a speaker, as well. Its unique two in one combination allows you to wear Flips as headphones, perfect for running, or to flip the speakers around, turning the headphones into a speaker, which is great when you’re working out in the great outdoors with a friend. The ingenius design sells for $120.


In the wake of the lawsuit against Vibram FiveFingers, minimalist running shoes seem to be taking a beating. However, Be Real Shoes put a welcome twist on traditional minimalist running shoes. The shoes are made in the USA and are 100% recyclable, giving the eco-friendly product a leg up in the competition, so to speak. The shoes utilize a patent-pending sole that allows for traction in all directions, durability and they are also slip resistant. Really, the shoes are three in one, allowing customers to use them for urban and trail running, as well as as water shoes. The sole is thin, yet thick enough for protection, allowing users to conquer all terrains, while keeping particles, such as sand and dirt, out. The flexible shoes are designed to simulate nature, and are super lightweight and easy to run in, plus they are great for travel and come in fun colors. The unique design allows for movement of the toes, creating a natural running experience. Be Real Shoes hit the market this June and will retail for $89.99.


Sometimes we can’t shower right away after we leave the gym and no one wants to leave their face sweaty and congested. Wet-Nap, now available exclusively at Walmart, will keep your skin looking great, even after hitting the gym. The gentle and super soft wipes are available in individual packets, on the go and even large flip-top packs to accommodate every lifestyle. Wet-Naps can be used on your hands, face and body to remove sweat, all while moisturizing your skin with soothing aloe. Their 110-count pack is practically made for you gym bag and sells for just $1.97.


With the sun shining bright, it’s important to keep from squinting in the outdoors, but a lot of sunglasses aren’t made for performance. When working out, Spyoptic frames beat the competition, as their designs not only keep your eyes protected, but they are also fashionable enough that you don’t need to hide them away the second you’re done with your workout (and come in a variety of styles and colors). We love their Spy Libra frame ($90-$149.95), which is built specifically for women, with discreet Hytrel rubber to keep them in place, patented Scoop venting to keep from fogging up, and a slight wrap to the frame to protect your eyes from wind and debris. Additionally, these sunglasses now come with Spyoptic’s Happy Lens technology, which help eliminate bad rays from the sun while taking in the good rays, which will help wearers feel better, as well as provide color and contrast enhancing vision. Don’t worry fellas, they’ve got shades for you, too!


Most women know, it’s very important to look good from head to toe, even when hitting the gym. Zumba‘s So Bootyful Capri ($44.50) has got your backend covered, so to speak, with the perfect fit pants. The flattering workout bottoms lift and smooth, making your derriere look better than ever. They even have a fold-over waistband and inverted semi-oval shaped seam to accentuate your shape. Plus, their Z-Dri technology will keep you cool and dry all day long and come in multiple colors.

Twisted Talk: What products do you need to have during your workout? Which one of these products are you most looking forward to trying? Discuss below!

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