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Improve Your Sleep with One Simple Tool



As someone who struggles with sleep, any and everything that can help is a blessing. A few months ago, I was invited to the unveiling of SleepScore Labs first consumer product, the SleepScore MAX, and I’ve been using it religiously ever since.


Brought to you by ResMed, Dr. Oz and Pegasus Capital Advisors, SleepScore Labs brought together some of the world’s top sleep experts to create a product to beat all others. Involved in the project are renowned experts Dr. Steven Lockley (Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School), Dr. Nathaniel Watson (Professor of Neurology, University of Washington), Dr. Michael Breus (Clinical Psychologist), Dr. Mehmet Oz (Professor of Surgery at Columbia University, Emmy winner for The Dr. Oz Show), and Dr. Roy Raymann (Vice President, Sleep Science and Scientific Affairs, SleepScore Labs).


So how does this product work? Easier than you can imagine! The SleepScore MAX looks like a tiny speaker and simply rests on a nightstand next to your bed. The small, sleek machine monitors your respiration and body movement using bio-motion sensors and advanced echolocation technology. Each night, the machine, which connects to your smartphone, transmits all of your sleep data into a score from 1-100 (100 is the best). After taking into account your age, gender bedroom environment and sleep quality (it measures time spent in total sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, number of awakenings and time to fall asleep), it analyzes the data and gives you a score.




It is the most accurate, patented and non-contact sensor technology to not only monitor, but also improve your sleep. Using the data, it will generate tips and facts to improve the quality of your sleep. It allows you to print your data to bring to a sleep professional for diagnostic purposes should you need it, as well.


This is honestly one of my new favorite health products, because it’s so easy to use and really helps me monitor the problems with my sleep (and improve them). Plus, even with this amazing technology, it’s still super affordable – $149.99. It’s definitely worth the money, especially if you aren’t the best sleeper.
Twisted Talk: Have you ever tracked your sleep before? Do you have problems sleeping? Discuss below!

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