Til the Sun Comes Up — May 27, 2016 at 11:45 am

Inside This Year’s Mermaid Lagoon Benefit



What do you get when you combine mesmerizing music, oysters, state-altering elixirs and beautifully dressed mermaids — the 6th Annual Mermaid Lagoon Benefit, of course.  

Transformed into an aquatic oasis, guests returned to the House of Yes for the decadent benefit. Guests and performers alike dressed in their best oceanic attire to support Orca Network in their quest to retire Lolita, the 20-foot-long orca who has lived at the Miami Seaquarium since 1970, and raise money for Billion Oyster Project.


The enchanting evening boasted special hypnotizing performances by circus performers, fire performers and musicians like Ali Luminescent, Christine Geiger, Anya Sapozhnikova and singer Andriana Santiago. There was also a special mystic music by Joro Boro and benefit producer and artist Kai Altair. There were aquatic cocktails, however, I was more intrigued by the special bar provided by The Alchemist’s Kitchen. Benefiting your body and possibly altering your state of mind, magical elixirs were enjoyed by attendees. If that doesn’t sound decadent enough, guests enjoyed oysters – our hosts informed us that oysters are sustainable seafood products: they can be cultivated as a renewable resource.


There was even a raffle drawing where one lucky guest won a glass of champagne and a live, in-house bubble bath to luxuriate in while watching the show. It sounded a little weird when I first heard it but I was pretty jealous when they won. It was a sensual, titillating and magical evening that supported very worthy causes and we can’t wait for next year’s.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever attended the Mermaid Lagoon Benefit? What’s your favorite part? Discuss below!

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