Bottoms Up — March 24, 2016 at 11:30 am

It’s Prime Time to Get Rid of That Dreaded Hangover



Hangovers suck. No one can disagree with that statement. And while the morning after cheeseburger from McDonald’s and smoothie from Robek’s usually does the trick (trust me, this how I survived my early twenties), the extra calories on top of a night of drinking probably aren’t the best idea. So how exactly are you supposed to get through the tough times without something greasy to satiate you? Prime, the hangover solution, nips your next day headache in the bud before it can even begin.


Prime comes in a small packet and all you have to do is mix it in with a glass of water either before or during your night out. Each packet contains electrolytes, vitamin B, liver-boosting glutathione, NAC-glutathione boosting amino acid, and water. In fact, during the test phase of Prime, it was found that there was a 73% reduction in estimated blood concentration levels of hangover-causing acetaldehyde. The company recommends that for best use, you should take a packet alongside every four drinks. DSC03707

We put Prime to the test on our recent trip to California, and during a day and night of sampling wines, we put down a glass of Prime (pretty tasty, btw) and found our oncoming headache disappear immediately! And after continuing on with our wine tasting throughout the rest of the night, we surprisingly woke up the next morning feeling quite refreshed. If you can’t hack it like you used to in the glory years (aka college), pick up a pack (or three) of Prime and get used to seeing those Sunday mornings again.

Twisted Talk: How do you cure your hangovers? Tell us your secrets! Discuss below!

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