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Just Me and My Selfie



One of the newest apps on the iPhone that is sure to be the next big thing, especially considering how everyone’s love for #selfies is showing no sign of slowing down, is Selfbee. This app is a combination of all the best apps out there- Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat. Not to mention, it is just so fun. What it is, is an app specifically designed to allow people to take selfies and share them with everyone. Literally, everyone. It’s a whole group of people who just want to put their selfies out there for the world to see, and who want to see your selfies, as well! You rack up followers, just like most other social apps, and these followers become your “hive” (Get it? SelfBEE? Hive?)

Selfbee Available Now4


You also categorize your selfies, depending on what type of selfies they are (activities, locations, special someone, friends, outfit, etc…)
Everyone has their own newsfeed, filled with the people they follow, but there is also a main page where you can go look at everyone else’s selfies. You’re allowed to click on them and press down on the picture in order to fill up a heart, to express how much you “like” that particular selfie. Although you can crop your selfies, there are no filters through the Selfbee camera. That might be better anyways—more au natural pictures to enjoy. You can add captions and share them through Facebook and Twitter, as well. Users are allowed to comment on each other’s selfies, along with liking them.

Another really cool aspect of this app, is the “daily challenge.” Users are encouraged to complete a different mission every day (such as visiting a certain location or meeting a new friend), and post a selfie while doing it, of course!

Twisted Talk: How is your selfie game? Will you take on the Selfbee app challenge? Discuss below!

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