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Kamilah Willacy’s Art-Chitecture Inspired Clutches



I have recently become very obsessed with clutches, and I love discovering new brands that will appease my clutch appetite. It is so easy to show off your sense of style with a clutch, especially when you have brands like Edie Parker making it cool to rock a flashy clutch. There is now an even bigger demand for unique handbags that scream ‘style!’

Kamilah Willacy has to be one of the most unique accessories designers that I have come across in a really long time. Kamilah Willacy was originally an architect student who hails from Maryland. Once she moved to New York, she began modeling and soon thereafter, her interests took a turn from architecture to a accessory designing. Kamilah Willacy’s experience makes for a very impressive resume; from working in fashion houses in Milan and Arezzo, Italy to working for Makins as a hat designer, she used this colorful background to create her own vision.


The Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection borrows on Kamilah’s architecture background. She combines her knowledge in both architecture and fashion to create unique accessories that will appeal to a large audience. What makes this collection really personal is that the clutches feature original artwork from the designer herself. The materials used to create these amazing pieces come from natural resources and include wood, marble, as well as real architectural steel and finished off with a resin poured glass finish. The dedication and work that is put into each piece is well worth the price. The variety and aesthetic of each clutch is enough to make you want to buy each and every single one of them.

The clutches range from minimalist and floral, to more edgier and darker clutches. While I can see myself getting all of these clutches I feel that my favorite of them all is the Morah. The Morah retails for $225 and is a resin poured stained glass artwork framed by a gunmetal steel square frame. This clutch features an original artwork piece by Willacy that includes a yellow Moroccan lotus print. The yellow color against the white background is just striking.

Clutches range from $200 to $390 depending on the shape and the artwork done. There is such a huge variety in this new Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection that anyone could find something that will appeal to their sense of style. To view the full collection and find out how you can purchase one of these amazing clutches head over to Kamilah Willacy’s website at www.kamilahwillacy.com.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of the Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection? Which one is your favorite? Discuss below!

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