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Kati Stern’s Venexiana Fall/Winter 2015 Collection


Venexiana’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection was both elegant and classic. Founder Kati Stern is well known for having a tough punk rock style with her style and clothing. With this new collection, she struck the perfect balance between style, glamour, and a subtle hint of that punk style she is known for.

39 - VenexianaSS2015 Front 32 - VenexianaSS2015 Front

The show started off with a number nude colored gowns, and as the show continued, we see the palette change to blacks, silvers, gold and teal-colored gowns. This really allowed us to see the transformation of each dress since many of the dresses of the same color had similar qualities. One of my favorite gowns of the show was a teal, one shoulder gown with a long train. While this dress was more subdued than the other gowns that had her signature rock n’roll style, it was among one of the most glamorous pieces in the collection. The gold colored gowns, like the ones above, were are also some of my favorite because of the texture of the fabrics used. A lot of the detailing on the dresses, specifically the darker colored gowns, are used to create a tough exterior to showcase a subtle punk style. Seeing as how typical punk and elegant styles are so different from each other, you would think it would be hard to create a gown that is able to come off as glamorous evening wear and still have rock n’roll vibe. Kati Stern does it seamlessly.

This whole collection transcends what I expected from Kati Stern’s latest collection. While I’m used to witnessing collections that go all the way to the end of the spectrum and really commit to a dark, rock n’roll style like Alexander McQueen, I love the fact that Kati Stern is able to create a collection that is right in the middle of the spectrum and combines both glamour and rock in a nice little package.

If you are interested in checking out the previous collections of Venexiana make sure to check out the Venexiana website. Once there, you can learn more about the designer, see the previous collections, and even have the chance to see the collections on the catwalk.

49 - VenexianaSS2015 Front

Twisted Talk: What do you think of Venexiana’s new Fall/Winter 2015 Collection? Would you wear any of these gowns? Discuss below!

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