Bottoms Up — August 19, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Keep Your Cool: CAFF Cold Brew Coffee Hits the Market



Drawing inspiration from the slang term Caff, which refers to London cafés of the 1930s, CAFF Cold Brew Coffee is now available to New Yorkers. The cold brew coffee is both bottled and brewed by hand in Brooklyn and is steeped using a special blend of freshly roasted coffee in water overnight, where it then undergoes a two step filtration process to remove the grounds. The result is a pure black ready to drink brew that can cool off a New Yorker even in the dead of summer.


Whether you drink your coffee black or with a bit of milk and sugar, this bottled brew is ready to be drunk, all you need is your cup of ice! The coffee boasts a chocolate and caramel finish, and tastes extremely smooth and pure. The company was created by veteran coffee shop owner Abraham Sitt, whose creation comes in fun, retro-style bottles adorned with their art deco logo. In addition to ordering their cold brew, consumers can order a variety of beans should they wish to brew their coffee at home, and soon they will also have the option to order a monthly subscription of the brew to their homes.

Staying energized and keeping cool has never tasted so good!

Twisted Talk: Do you prefer regular or iced coffee? What’s your favorite cold brew? Discuss below!

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