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Kickstart Your Business With Weadeo



In the world we live in today, there aren’t many people who DON’T want to start up a new business or create something original for the world to see. Every day, brilliant people come up with amazing ideas and let them slip away due to lack of knowledge about how to put it all out there. It can be incredibly discouraging to feel as if you have the ideal vision for a new business or business model, but no way to get it started.

Enter Weadeo. This is an online platform designed specifically to help upcoming entrepreneurs and businesspeople get started on whatever it is they want to create. Weadeo is the first place to go after deciding that you want to throw your passion and creativity into the building of your own business …or empire (you never know, right?).

So, here’s exactly how it works: You come up with a wonderful idea for a business. You know it will be out-of-this-world if you can just get it out there to the world. You would love to start a fundraising campaign and make videos and advertisements and the whole works for this wonderful idea. However, you are not a practiced promoter or video-maker, so you do not know how to even begin this process. You go on Weadeo, home to countless professionals in this particular area, and post a pitch for your idea, along with a draft and some references to let everyone know as much about you and what you want to create as possible.

Meanwhile, one of the avid filmmakers (referred to as “creatives” by the website) on Weadeo sees your pitch and profile and thinks he/she is the one for you! The two of you team up and collaborate using both of your respective talents to establish the perfect way to jumpstart and promote your business idea. You have one of two choices regarding the payment- you can either pay the “creative” a sum upfront and also agree to give him a small percentage of the profits of your project or you can not pay anything upfront, but agree to give the “creative” a larger percentage of the profit. Depending on your funds and financial standing, you’re guaranteed to be able to work it out in the best way possible for you.

Weadeo doesn’t just offer people to help with videos, either. The “creative” working with you assists you in prototypes, designs, advertisements, flyers, and basically anything else you need to make your idea (and you!) a success. No longer do people have to keep their ideas to themselves just because they are unsure how to get everything started. This is the perfect way for entrepreneurs to establish themselves, while saving money and learning the tools of the trade along the way.

Twisted Talk: Do you have a brilliant business idea that you need help getting started? Would you use the Weadeo platform to help start a small business? Discuss below!

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