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Learn to Become Barefoot Strong



Did you know that you are missing out on an important type of fitness? Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist, human movement specialist and author, recently held a special class at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City to introduce people to the key to movement longevity.  The fitness guru and doctor has done extensive research and study on how the feet can impact the entire body, causing injuries and inefficiency when not utilized properly. Her shtick is to get people to workout in bare feet, allowing you to strengthen the feet that get you from place to place each day. Her latest book, Barefoot Strong: Unlock the Secrets to Movement Longevity, goes over the different foot types, how to strengthen your feet, how to prevent injury, and much more.


During her recent class, she instructed us on how to move better, faster, longer and stronger with our bare feet. She provided us with a quick, but challenging workout, going over the basics of short foot (check out her book to learn more), and some of the exercises that are a part of her 45 minute BARE Workout she created, now offered at Crunch Gyms nationwide.

So if you find yourself suffering from shin splints or stress fractures regularly, barefoot workouts may just be the solution to your problems! To learn more, head to Barefoot Strong!

Twisted Talk: Have you exercised without your shoes on? Will you give barefoot fitness a try? Discuss below!


  1. very interesting. maybe i will try it out!

  2. Working out barefoot was normal during the 1970s. Look at Arnold doing many reps of 400 pound squats barefoot and 700 pound dead lifts. In my college gym many of the weightlifters worked out barefoot some or all of the time. And since you are so young, you may not be aware that going barefoot everywhere, including shopping and running errands and such, was a popular fad among young people during the late 1960s and early 1970s, even in New York City.

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