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A New Spot for All Your Home Good Needs



Fashion week may have wound down last month, but you would never know it by stepping into the New York’s Flatiron opening of Madura, a Parisian home goods transplant that oozes elegance and style. From the third floor in-house DJ who “takes hugs but not requests” and the constantly flowing champagne, it seemed everyone not invited to the Hudson adjacent Givenchy show wound up here at Madura.

Madura’s website champions them as an inherently French company committed to innovation: “Over its 40 years of existence and creation, Madura has made its mark on the history of interior decoration by bringing richness and innovation, diversity and constant improvements, to all its styles. As well as offering its vast range of textiles, Madura also anticipates its customers’ needs with a wide choice of lamps, blinds and accessories.”

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This couldn’t be more accurate in the flesh, and aided if not elevated by the phenomenal atmosphere created by the designers of this event. The cocktail tasting and champagne were accompanied by delicate passed hors d’oeuvres, ranging from roasted rosemary chicken breasts over a cranberry chutney to a delightful mini mushroom quiche. All of it incredibly delicious, and everything effortlessly French.

The showroom itself is a sight to behold, a three-tiered layer cake of elegance. The 70’s style suede furniture set the scene, making attendees feel welcomed into what could be the chic loft of a friend of a friend. Accented by Madura’s spectacular room enhancing accessories, this experience was truly the most epic, fun version of fashion week for pillows.

If you are sprucing up your apartment, have a move coming up, or are just plain old bored with your current bedroom set, mosey over to Madura for inspirational home accessories to brighten your day, week, and apartment. The looming winter months will thank you.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever shopped at Madura before? Will you check out Flatiron’s latest home goods store? Discuss below!

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