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Miller Wendt: Changing the Comfort of Fashion


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Still fresh off New York Fashion Week, men and women everywhere are looking to big brands, tastemakers and magazines to discover what all of the latest and greatest trends are for the coming year. Athlesiure wear is nothing new to the scene but it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere any time soon. Miller Wendt has taken the athleisure trend and run with it, upping the elegance while maintaining the comfort.


Born out of Florida, Miller Wendt has taken the power blazer and made it cozy. They specialize in athleisure hoodie blazers, which are all customizable, allowing you to pick and choose your own patches, strings and detachable hoods. They are super easy to throw on before or after a workout, and you can easily adapt, taking you from the gym to brunch or from work to a night out with friends. Their comfortable cotton and poly knit material allows you to look the part of a professional while still being able to move around with ease. Comfort and fashion should not be exclusive and Miller Wendt is here to prove that.

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While they are most well known for their hoodie blazers, they also sell tank tops, sports bras and leggings to help accentuate your look. Now if only this brand existed when I was in boarding school, it would have made life a whole lot easier! Nevertheless, we are still excited to get our hands on one of these blazers!

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