Bottoms Up — September 8, 2015 at 3:15 pm

Monkey Rum Bottles Get a Makeover

MonkeyRum_Bottle_Glass (2)
Talk about cool! Monkey Rum is not only totally delicious (the coconut version is easy to drink straight up, and sweet enough for those who don’t like strong drinks), but it is actually the world’s first spirit bottle that was designed to be turned into glassware. That’s right, once you finish the bottle, you can turn it into a sophisticated drinking glass.
Last week, during Monkey Rum’s official launch of ‘From Rum Bottle to Rocks Glass,’ we learned all about how the team at the rum company set about with this unique idea. Of the mindset that bottles shouldn’t just be tossed once they’re consumed, Zane Lamprey and co-founder Ian Crystal decided that customer should be able to repurpose their bottles into functional glassware. During the evening’s event, guests not only enjoyed rum cocktails, but they also were treated to a live demonstration of just how the bottle cutting process works.
The bottle features distinct ridges that were designed to specify areas that can be cut, with the lower ring indicating the size to create a rocks glass and the second ring to create a pint glass, while the top of the bottle can be cut to create a daiquiri goblet, complete with a pedestal insert on the bottom.
Oh, you don’t happen to have a glass cutter lying around your home? Well don’t worry, there are several opportunities around New York and New Jersey that allow customers to take their empty bottles to retailers to convert their bottles into glassware. Score!
Twisted Talk: What do you think about this upcycling idea? Would you turn your bottles into glassware? Discuss below!

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