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My Fitness Journey at Structure Personal Fitness: Part III


Structure Personal Fitness

Unfortunately for you it has been a while since my last progress update on my workouts at Structure Personal Fitness. Fortunately for me, I have come quite a long way since you last heard from me. Structure has also been making strides, with the addition of many new and exciting features.

First off, Structure is doing both private and semi-private nutrition counseling. Through Structure’s nutrition coaches you can learn how to modify your eating habits and become a better, healthier you! I’ve found that just by swapping out my every day snacks for higher protein snacks and cooking my own meals when I’m home (I’ll miss you Lean Cuisine) can make a tremendous difference. With these small changes I’ve seen the weight just melt right off – I’ve dropped 7 lbs. and another jean size.


Structure Personal Fitness is also offering semi-private yoga four times a week now! The small classes host up to four people and allows yoga buffs to get some more time for their downward dogs.


The monthly workouts have been really great lately. I love that they are always changing both the format of the workout and the exercises. I am always excited for the new month to see what kind of new things we will be doing. Additionally, the start of the new year brought about a Weekend Workout Series. This series was created based on clients’ feedback, bringing customers what they asked for. For the month of February, members will be able to enjoy classes focusing on kettlebells and sand bags, stretching, cardio and even couples workouts. Throughout the year, Structure will continue to amp things up, with a rowing and running club, a post-workout juice bar and more to come!

Interested in joining Structure Personal Fitness? You’re in luck because they have an AWESOME deal going on — their 30-day trial that includes a movement screen, personal fitness assessment, one private (1 on 1) training session, personalized 4 week training program, open use of the training facility, and 8 semi-private training sessions…all for just $199!

Structure Personal Fitness is located at 147 E. 72nd Street.

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  1. Yeah, they offer lots of cool stuff, but more importantly, I heard they have really attractive and jacked male coaches. True or false?

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