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Namaste: A Look Inside New York’s Dharma Yoga Center



With an abundance of gyms and fitness centers, both small boutiques and large chains, all over the city, New Yorkers often rely on word of mouth to find a place to get their sweat on. Dharma Yoga Center, conveniently located in the Flatiron District, stands out from the plethora of other yoga studios in the city, offering a welcoming and warm environment as soon as you step in the door.


The yoga center is helmed by Brazilian yoga teacher Dharma Mittra, who has been teaching since 1967. Today, at 76 years of age, Dharma Mittra continues to teach and has inspired, and continues to inspire, many yogis worldwide who come to learn from him. Dharma yoga is its own system, with roots in the ashtanga tradition, but don’t shy away if you are not familiar with it. The yoga center offers a range of classes, from beginning to master sadhana, as well as more specialized classes such as dharma teens, dharma yoga wheel, harmonium and chanting basics, and more.


As anyone who practices yoga is most likely aware, the benefits are numerous, and Dharma Mittra is a prime example of how it can help not only with with health and posture, but with one’s attitude, as well. A humble, compassionate and enchanting man, a class with Dharma Mittra is a challenging, rewarding and fun experience. Yes, the physical rewards of practicing yoga are great, but Dharma Mittra stresses the importance of being kind and compassionate to one another, practicing meditation and relaxation, and incorporating a diet that gives back more than it takes from the earth.


In addition to his popular New York City studio, which draws in yogis from all over the world, Dharma Mittra is also responsible for the Dharma Yoga Wheel, which is a very handy yoga tool used to help open up the back, chest, shoulders, and increase flexibility. Not only does this prop help to increase one’s flexibility and stretch at your full potential, but it also can help to straighten posture and improve deepening one’s breath. Best of all, this amazing yoga prop can be used for more than just yoga, just stretching on this wheel for a few minutes a day can be extremely beneficial. Pro-athletes have even joined the dharma yoga wheel revolution.
For those of you interested in checking out Dharma Yoga Center first hand, we recommend their Sampler Pass, which allows first timers a choice of five classes, plus two free guests for just $45 ($9 per class). Additionally, the yoga center has other amazing deals and discounts, and a schedule full of variety. Namaste!
Twisted Talk: What type of yoga do you practice? Have you taken a class at Dharma Yoga Center? Which is your favorite? Discuss below!

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