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Offerings: Artwork Has Never Tasted So Good



Long before people were sharing their food on Instagram, Eat-Art artist, Dorothee Selz, used food as a medium for artistic expression. Doing away with the formal presentation of food, Eat-Art artists believe food is not only an experience, but can also be an expression of art that all can enjoy. Presented by the French Cheese Board, Dorothee Selz’s solo exhibition, “Offerings” debuted and we were invited.

Said to be “an invitation into Dorothee Selz’s vibrant universe,” Offerings is an interactive piece to be performed and tasted by her audience. In a setup designed by French designers Ich&Kar guests enjoyed champagne while tasting edible art.


Inspired by Daniel Spoerri, an artist who is credited for starting the Eat-Art Movement, Selz created the Colorful Caterers: an experience that led her to use and abuse edible colours in her work — vibrant blue, buoyant red and yellow, shining green mixed with breads, and many doughs to create unique food that was meant to be considered as something more than mere food. After her first events, she decided to travel the world and discover how food is used in other civilizations. This is how she discovered that in many Asian and South American countries, food is most of the time used as an offering to satisfy gods and goddesses.


The exhibit is imaginative, bold and tasty. My senses were pleasantly stimulated with vibrant color, savory cheeses and effervescent champagne. The Offerings exhibition will continue until November 15th. The French Cheese Board will also be hosting a closing cocktail party on November 12th. It is the closing exhibition before the French Cheese Board, a studio devoted to all things French cheese, closes until its grand re-opening.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of edible art? Have you ever seen anything like this before? Discuss below!

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