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Oh! You Pretty Things: Life in Hollywood


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Written by Shanna Mahin, Oh! You Pretty Things follows Jess Dunne, a recently divorced California native, as she navigates through the not-so-glamorous side of Hollywood. The third generation Hollywood barista/aspiring chef goes from job to job, usually not giving any notice and is struggling to make ends meet. Make no mistake. Jess doesn’t actually want to be an actor, but she wants in on the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood. The story unfolds when she starts her new dream job as a personal assistant for an agoraphobic, Oscar winning composer, Tyler Montaigne. Her new dream job turns into anything but. He sends his complaints through his managers and sends her on coffee runs with erratic and unrealistic requests. She even finds herself searching for the best coconut water for his dog. Jess is near her wits end when she meets an actress whose star is rising. And it just so happens she is in the market for a new assistant.

Things take a peculiar turn when Jess’ not-so-present mother decides to leave Nevada and show up at her doorstep in Santa Monica. To call their relationship strained would be an understatement. Her mother, a failed actress, carted her to numerous auditions, on a mission to live out her Hollywood dreams through her daughter. When it became clear that acting was not in the cards for Jess, her mother wanted nothing to do with her, and had no problem reminding her. Needless to say, her mother could quite possibly throw a wrench in her Hollywood dream. She soon learns that the grass is not always greener on the other side of Sunset Boulevard.

The characters are witty, sardonic and perfectly flawed, especially Jess. The plot and sub plots are fun and very captivating. Who doesn’t want to hear about the inner workings of Hollywood celebrities? Not surprising, Mahin, who is also a former personal assistant and third-generation Hollywood writer, brilliantly plays to our celebrity-obsessed culture.

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