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Potion: A Play in 3 Cocktails



When I heard the words potion, play and cocktails in the same sentence I knew it was something I didn’t want to miss. Stolen Chair kicked off their 12th season with the show Potion: A Play in Three Cocktails, which is showing Sundays at 7pm at People Lounge. The 90-minute show takes place in a bar (both literally and in the show), that instead of selling alcohol, sells potions. Charley, the main character, can concoct all kinds of potions for her clientle, from truth potion to anger potion and even seduction potion…but the one potion she cannot make is a love potion.

Photo credit: Carrie Leonard

Photo credit: Carrie Leonard

The original play is set to fun and enchanting music by Sean Cronin (warning: you will be tapping your feet), which sparks the verse play into a spoken word opera of sorts. The audience are engulfed in the magic, trying Charley’s potions throughout the show, and feel like patrons of the bar when actors come up and ask them questions or make out in the corner. The effect is part fantasy, part realistic, as you notice the desires of Charley are that of any person in the real world and the customers at the bar can be found in any bar throughout the country. The cast is enthusiastic and personable, drawing you into the story as it unfolds. The cocktails…er, potions, are presented wonderfully, inside bottles often found in a chemistry classroom, making the story that much more believable. All the cocktails were designed by award-winning mixologist Marlo Gamora, and although they are tasty, they could be made more appealing to the general public (not everyone is a fan of lambrusco).

This cute, goofy show makes for an enjoyable evening and will ease any newbie theater-goer into the ropes with cocktails a-plenty.
Photo credit: Carrie Leonard

Photo credit: Carrie Leonard Photo credit: Carrie Leonard

People Lounge is located at 163 Allen Street and tickets to the show can be purchased here

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