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Quilted Koala Launches Its Happy and Joyful Collections


Joyful Collection

Quilted Koala recently launched two new collections — the Happy Collection and the Joyful Collection (don’t they just make you smile already?). Both collections include a variety of duffels, totes, and jewelry rolls in different patterns and designs. I had a chance to stop by the launch party and see the collections for myself and I was very impressed with the quality of the material and the visual aspect of the product itself.


Each collection features a variety of patterns and designs on the seven essential products that make up both lines; the Large Tote ($125), Medium Tote ($89), Small Bag ($59), Duffel Bag ($119), Large Cosmetic Pouch ($24), Small Cosmetic Pouch ($17), and the Jewelry Roll ($39). The colors used for both the Happy and Joyful Collection really reflect the name of the collections. The colors are bright, lively, and eye-catching. A line inspired by Downtown Abbey was also created and Quilted Koala has the honor of being the first company to create such amazing tote bags dedicated to the popular show. All Downtown Abbey fans will surely enjoy this line.

Happy Collection

The great thing about Quilted Koala is that there is such a huge variety of colors on each different product that there is something for everyone. The colors themselves are very appealing. The fabric is to die for and is extremely comfortable. You’ll probably start out buying some of these totes to carry your things in, but at one point or another you’ll end up using them as pillows; they are that comfortable!

You can visit the Quilted Koala website and purchase a variety of products from the two newly released collections. Products range from $17-$125, making them extremely affordable. If you are getting ready to shop for the holidays, make sure you have some of these products on your list for your loved ones. Good quality, beautiful, durable fabric, and amazing patterns are well worth the price. Quilted Koala products will make great gifts for this holiday season so make sure to pick up a bag or two!

Twisted Talk: Have you ever shopped for Quilted Koala products? Seeing the newly released collections, are you inclined to purchase some of the totes? Discuss below!


  1. I love the bags!!! The colors are so pretty and I love the different sizes. Quilted koala has the best stuff. Thanks for talking about them!!!

  2. a great post about these bags!

  3. QK is the best! #welovekoalas

  4. love love love these bags. SO cute.

  5. quilted koala.com
    awesome bags, pouches, boxes
    many colors many different sizes
    check it out!!!!!

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