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Red or White, What’s Your Delight?



The vineyards of Italy, Napa Valley and even Long Island have dominated the wine industry, but there is one country that is making a comeback. The old world wine of Bulgaria is making their place in the modern wine market. Once the second largest wine producer in the world during the 1980’s Bulgaria suffered a decline with the fall of communism.

Showcasing the incredibly unique wines that have a wide range of varietals, the Wine of Bulgaria organization selected seven premiere producers for a wine tasting event. Some of the vineyards included Izba Karabunar and the first private company founded after the fall of communism, Domaine Boyar International EAD.


People have different preferences to the type of wine they choose to drink. Some like it dry, sweet or a mixture of both, but Bulgarian wines cater to everyone. One of the wines that creates a lasting impression on the palate is Soli Invicto 2010 from the Edoardo Miroglio Winery. This wine is made from handpicked grapes from the winery’s estate and possesses an interesting taste. From fruit aromas to vanilla and spices, this wine has a subtle but powerful sweet taste that will leave you looking for another glass.


Each winery has their own special characteristics that add zest to the wines they produce. Domaine Boyar is one of the biggest exporters of Bulgarian wine and has been selected in the prestigious British Wine Ranking. Named after the ancient Roman fortress, Chateau Burgozone winery produces numerous types of wine, including Pinot Noir, Merlot and Chardonnay. Edoardo Miroglio Winery focuses on quality white, rose, red and sparkling wines.

Looking for wine to pair with a romantic dinner, people can select Quantum Merlot, which is suitable with pasta, pizza and meat. This ruby red wine has a harmonious blend of flavors that sits well on the palate.

As Bulgarian wines continue to make a comeback, people can look out for these wines in their local spirit stores or request it at restaurants.

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