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Rosie Bitts Brings Us Stories of Love and Passion



The amazing Rosie Bitts, who hails from Canada, makes her New York City debut with Stories of Love and Passion, performed at the United Solo Theatre Festival. Stories of Love and Passion was written and performed by Rosie Bitts, directed and dramaturged by Suzanne Bachner and accompanied by Jeff Poynter. Rosie Bitts brings us tales of sex, love and passion through jazz and burlesque. She tells it like it is and does not hold back, giving the audience a very vivid picture of each single tale.

While the show’s running time was sixty minutes it felt like time went by really fast. Rosie Bitts really knows how to work her audience and engage them. Not one member of the audience was displeased while watching her sing and sashay around the stage; you could tell the audience members enjoyed every minute of it by the laughter, clapping, and whistling emanating from the room. The chemistry between Rosie Bitts and Jeff Poynter also added to the show. One could not help but laugh at Jeff Poynter’s puzzled face while Rosie Bitts straddled and seduced him; and others probably envied him.

Rosie Bitts has a very smooth and sensual voice that goes perfect with jazz. I love it when performers know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Rosie Bitts knows what she can and can not do when singing, and this was shown throughout the show because she did not miss one beat. She did what was natural to her vocal range; and this is what makes a show good when a performer does what comes naturally.

Being that this was my first burlesque show I had a great time. Rosie Bitts did an amazing job in sharing with the audience tales of her childhood and adulthood all in a matter of sixty minutes. The jazz, burlesque, the seduction and the humor made this a must-see show. She had us roaring with laughter, and at times blushing with her sensual and frank comments on love and sex. Being that this was her first New York City debut, let’s hope that Rosie Bitts visits us again the near future.

To learn more about Rosie Bitts, her performances, and the classes that she offers you can visit . The United Solo Theatre is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year and is presenting plenty of shows throughout the year; you can check out what other shows are being presented this year by visiting

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