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See Food and Eat It at Lolo’s Seafood Shack




Whether you are looking for a vibrant outdoor food spot to catch the rays of summer or a place to hole up and pretend you’re in a faraway land during the seemingly never-ending rainstorms, Lolo’s Seafood Shack delivers on both counts. Co-owner Leticia (Skai) Young-Mohan and Chef Raymond Mohan sought to mesh a seaside “lolo,” or outdoor Caribbean restaurant, with the Cape to bring customers the best seafood-centric menu.

Despite hefty helpings of prime seafood, all menu items range between an extremely reasonable $4 and $19. The small “shack” is brightly decorated, making even the gloomiest of days peppier. Out back is a large seating area, perfect for hot summer days. And even if you aren’t one for seafood, there are additional items on the menu you can choose from. Make sure to start your snacking with Lolo’s homemade plantain chips, which are accompanied by an array of tasty sauces. Try not to fill up though, because even though they are addicting, there’s more delicious fare to try.


The menu is a mix of Caribbean style street food and New England classics. Some of the standouts include the Smoked Wings (with achiote glaze, garlic crema, sesame seeds), the seasonal Lobster Roll, which was outstanding, and the Steampot Shrimp with Lolo’s Special Sauce. Don’t shy away from their sandwiches, which come encased in their finger-lickin’ good Johnny Cakes (do yourself a favor and order a side of these). And of course, don’t forget to load up on sides, which range from the dangerously delectable Lolos’ Fries (topped with cotija, pickled jalapeños, and herbs) to Wok Seared Cauliflower and Corn on the Cob. 

Lolo’s uses farm fresh ingredients, house-made sauces and sustainably sourced seafood, ensuring not only a tasty, fast, and cheap meal, but a quality meal, as well. This place makes a trip to Harlem worth it.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite place to dine in Harlem? Are you planning on getting your seafood fix this summer? Discuss below!

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