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See It Now: Significant Other on Broadway



When I was invited to check out the new Broadway show Significant Other, I wasn’t expecting much. I hadn’t yet heard of it and didn’t know much about it. But once the lights at the Booth Theater dimmed and the show began, I was intrigued. Brought to us by playwright Joshua Harmon and directed by Trip Cullman, Significant Other became a New York Times Critics’ Pick for a reason.


The show centers around Jordan Berman, a gay male we see go through his mid to late 20’s, who one by one, watches his close knit group of best friends couple up and get married. For anyone struggling in the dating scene in New York City, it’s a breath of fresh air to know we aren’t alone! Surprisingly heartwarming, extremely relatable, and most importantly, hilarious, this show will certainly hit close to home for some.

With such a small cast, and most of the work falling onto the shoulders of the main character, Jordan (played by Gideon Glick), it’s wonderful to see how seamlessly Glick carries the attention of the audience throughout the show’s entirety. The ensemble cast will remind you of your own group of friends, each one with their own quirk that you’ve somehow grown to love. Both timely and well-done, this new addition to Broadway will have a whole new generation of theater goers lining up to see it.

Twisted Talk: What was the last show you saw on Broadway? Do you find it hard to date in the city? Discuss below!


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