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Story x Pepsi Team Up for an Evening of Emoji Madness



STORY, a concept driven pop-up shop overlooking the Highline, teamed up with Pepsi to deliver a bubblegum-fun take on emojis – Pepsimojis. Since their inception, emojis have changed the way we communicate with each other. There are over two billion smartphone users who use over six billion emojis every day. That’s a lot of tiny pictures.

STORY’s website describes it as “a retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store.” It turns over its concepts every 4-8 weeks, often with a complete take down of its “set,” and a complete overhaul of its merchandise.


In this case, STORY has teamed up with Pepsi to support the launch of their global emoji campaign. Each ad will consist of a 5 second clip of an emoji that’s connected to Pepsi by the hashtag #sayitwithPepsi. Google that hashtag and you’ll be inundated with smiling Pepsi bottles and a wide variety of emojis unique to this Pepsi campaign.

“Pepsi is bringing a completely fun, fresh and shareable way for fans to express their emotions, as the brand brings emojis into the world like never before,” said Chad Stubbs, VP of Marketing, Pepsi TM. “From unique five-second TV ads to an interactive Times Square Billboard to nearly half a billion PepsiMoji bottles across Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi MAX hitting retail shelves, everyone will want to #SayItWithPepsi this summer.” The campaign will be supported by an interactive billboard in Times Square, as well as a custom #SayItWithPepsi Snapchat Integration on July 17th, which apparently is World Emoji Day.


Additionally, STORY’s theme for this partnership is “Have Fun”, and they’ve curated a fantastic mix of emoji-inspired goods, ranging from the back-lit phone case Kim Kardashian uses to take her selfies to a sweatshirt embossed with the word HANGRY surrounded by food emojis.

If you’re looking for awesome gifts for a birthday or Mother’s day with a personal touch and a big emoji smile, check out Story x Pepsi to have the most fun possible.


Twisted Talk: Are you an emoji user? Do you love #foodporn? Discuss below!

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