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Sushi Roxx Completes the Dream We Never Knew We Had

Photo credit: Andrew Werner

Photo credit: Andrew Werner

Ever wished you could go out for a delicious sushi dinner while simultaneously being surrounded by dancers, flashing lights and sumo wrestler artwork? Well, your wish can finally come true with the opening of Sushi Roxx, in Midtown East, where dinner theater just got a bit more exciting. This truly original concept combines a top notch sushi dinner with Pop Roxx, a nightly show where your waitstaff not only serves your meal, but also sings and dances to choreographed numbers by former Pussycat Dolls star Asia Nitollano.

Located within The Tuscany Hotel, Sushi Roxx greets customers with a bar and lounge area, serving up hand-crafted cocktails. Once you enter into the dining room, you will be wowed with what greets you. The room could easily be described as Tokyo on acid (in a good way), with walls and columns that change from Asian cityscapes to roaring fires and psychedelic graphics, courtesy of the flatscreen video monitors hidden within. Make sure to take a good look around, because each way you turn there is something new to see — from the Maneki Neko Lucky Cats waving in sync behind the sushi bar to the sumo wrestlers looking down on you while you eat to the Godzilla taking over a city.

Often times with dinner theaters, you get either a good show or good food, but usually never both. Sushi Roxx exceeded our expectations, and we were very happily surprised at the tasty and cleverly named dishes. Starters include options such as Wild Ginger Edamame, Tuna Flatbread Pizza and and Avocado Tempura. But the real winner is the sushi. With names like Mr. Miyagi, Spice Girl and Big Mac, it’s hard to resist ordering a roll of each. We couldn’t get enough of the Big Mac, which comprised of spicy tuna, avocado, snow crab, tobiko and sweet sauce, and was untraditionally triangle shaped, allowing you to eat it like…dare we say, Big Mac? If you want to go more traditional, the Roxxy includes rock shrimp tempura, aioli, spicy tuna and pickled jalapeño. In addition to the starts and the sushi, the restaurant also serves salads and entrees, and of course, dessert.


Sushi Roxx is a fun, quirky and unique evening of good music (pop tunes for daysss), dancing, food, drinks and tons of fun. Even if you aren’t a sushi fan, there’s something on the menu for you and you are sure to enjoy the spectacle. We can’t wait to tell our friends and go back out for a night of revelry.

Twisted Talk: Are you a sushi fan? Have you been to Sushi Roxx yet? What did you think? Discuss below!


  1. Sounds just fabulous. Lots of good luck to Jason. Love, Arlene and Ira

  2. We loved the food, the shows and the wait staff. Most fun in NYC.

  3. We had a blast and the Sushi was fantastic. Can’t wait to come back!

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