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Suspense, Murder and Intrigue at Its Finest



If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s “whodunit” novels. The Blue Journal is one of those novels that leaves you guessing right up until the last minute. You never saw it coming and that’s the best part of these novels. The Blue Journal, written by L.T. Graham who is the pen name of a very well-known New-England based suspense writer. We follow Detective Anthony Walker as he finally gets his chance to shine when a murder happens in an affluent community.

The Blue Journal takes us on rollercoaster ride of deception, sex, affairs, new beginnings, and a private journal titled Sexual Rites. Detective Anthony Walker used to be a New York City cop and it is no wonder that at times he feels like his life is just passing by. He lives in a community where not much happens. That is, until Elizabeth Knoebel is found dead from a gunshot wound on her bed, dressed in lingerie. This is the makings for an affair gone wrong, but is that what it really is? When Elizabeth’s private diary, Sexual Rites, is discovered, the investigation is turned upside down. All of a sudden Detective Anthony Walker has a list full of suspects and all of the excitement that was missing from his life.

Once all these new characters are brought in, we finally understand how serious and damaging Sexual Rites can be. Elizabeth had sexual escapades with a lot of important figures in town — other people’s with husbands, and even with women! She had no boundaries for the things that she did or even the things that she said, and it seems that that is what led to her death.  Detective Anthony Walker soon enlists the help of a psychotherapist Randi Conway, who it turns out was seeing Elizabeth as a patient. Conway seems to be connected with not only Elizabeth Knoebel, but also all of the suspects. This whole investigation is a tangled web that Detective Anthony Walker is going to need to untangle to capture the murderer before another crime is committed.

As the book progresses, the anticipation builds up to a climax. What you think you may know turns out to be false. The twist at the end of the book will have you scratching your head while laughing. The least expected person is the one responsible for the murder and it seems that L.T. Graham has pulled the curtain over all of our eyes. I love endings like that because just when you think that everything is resolved you turn around and are surprised.

Do you know what the best thing is about finishing this book? That the author is working on the next Detective Anthony Walker novel! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I am ecstatic for the next book to come out so that I can sit back and see what Detective Anthony Walker will help solve next.

The Blue Journal by L.T. Graham is published by Seventh Street Books and is available for sale in bookstores and online everywhere. Make sure to get your copy and keep your eyes out for the second installment!

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