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Tackle Hunger with an App



Did you know 1 in 5 New Yorkers do not have access to nutritious food? It is a staggering number, and makes everyone wonder when something will be done to fix this issue. With the launch of SPARE, an innovative dining app, we can now help to tackle this issue, as it allows customers to automatically round-up their dine-out bill to the nearest dollar for charity.

At the app launch party at City Hall Restaurant, people were able to see how the app works and how it directly improves the hunger strife in the city. While cocktails and passed food was served, app founder Andra Tomsa spoke about the service and how simple the hunger gap can be solved.

“There are currently 235 million missing meals in New York City,” Tomsa said. “A bit of simple, indisputable math demonstrates the immediate and traceable impact that can be made if New Yorkers work together.”

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As New Yorkers, people tend to dine-out numerous times a month. If 10% of New Yorkers rounded their bill to the nearest dollar, equaling around $6 a month, the hunger gap would be closed within one year. The proceeds that are raised go directly to charitable organizations that combat hunger and poverty, including the Food Bank for New York, City Harvest, City Meals on Wheels, and New York City Rescue Kitchen. The donations are tax deductible and members will receive forms that lists their yearly donations.

SPARE also offers incentives for people to join the service. Members are entitled to free drinks and discounts at some of New York’s hottest restaurants, such as Luzzo’s Group, City Hall Restaurant and The Writing Room.


People can download the app on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The next time you  plan your night out and have fun, put your spare change to good use and help fellow New Yorkers in need!

TwistedTalk: What do you think of SPARE? Will be using to help fight hunger? Discuss below!

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