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by / on June 13, 2017 at 12:10 pm / in Bottoms Up

Whisky, a Hudson Cruise and a Water Spirit: Just Another Sunday in New York

If you happened to set sail on the Hudson on a Sunday in June—or had some really good binoculars—you weren’t hallucinating if you saw a strange sight: the figure of a man-like creature, bedecked in seaweed hopping off a speed boat and onto a Circle Line-esque tourist boat. It was the Ardbeg Kelpie in living, breathing form. What’s Ardbeg? That’s […]

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Whisky Live 2017: A Recap of Our Favorites

Every year whisky lovers gather at Chelsea Piers to partake in the event known as Whisky Live. Here, attendees can try expressions from their favorite brands, as well as discover new, small batch brands from near and far. We loved trying unique expressions from some of our favorites, like Jack Daniels, Usquaebach, Yamakazi and more. However, the highlight of Whisky […]

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Straight From Islay: Bruichladdich Whisky

On the island of Islay lies a Scottish treasure that has been around since 1881, the Bruichladdich Distillery. Embracing their roots to produce high quality whiskies, Bruichladdich offers a distinct taste that we typical do not recognize. After being closed for numerous years, the distillery was reopened in 2000 to make their signature whisky and the unique Octomore series. One […]

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Whisky Live, Much Like Its Showcasing Spirits, Ages Well

Each year, whisky connoisseurs, novices and newbies come together to discover the latest and greatest whiskies from around the world. The hub of all things whisky is known as Whisky Live NY and features pours of over 300 different whiskies across the globe. Bourbon, scotch, Irish, Japanese…you name it, they’ve got it. We first experienced Whisky Live last year, where we […]

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Whiskey Live is a Dream Come True

Whether you prefer scotch, bourbon, moonshine, Irish whiskey or American, there is one event that brings everyone together, no matter where your allegiance lies. Whiskey Live is an annual, internationally renowned tasting event, which recently took place in New York City. The event, which is now in its eleventh year, is produced by Whisky Magazine, and allows New Yorkers the […]

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Paying Homage to Craftsmanship

As The Balvenie Rare Craft Roadshow rolled into Chelsea Market it brought some of finest handmade goods that America has to offer. Stopping at numerous cities throughout the country, the roadshow was inspired by the skill and dedication of the team at The Balvenie Distillery in Scotland, who believe in handcrafted tradition. During a time when everything is being mass-produced, […]

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Japanese Whisky Takes Over the City

With Suntory’s recent purchase of Jim Beam it is no doubt that Japanese whisky is making its mark in the spirits world. Leave ROCHELLE Out of It is one of the top whiskey bars in New York City and the perfect destination to try lovely Japanese whiskys and sip with one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Stephen […]

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Laphroaig Live Whisky Tasting

Apple cider, pumpkin pie, whisky. Let’s face it—some things just taste better in autumn. There couldn’t be a better time, then, for the team behind Laphroaig single malt to host Laphroaig Live — a live stream online whisky tasting happening on Thursday, September 26, from our very own Brooklyn. Whisky fans everywhere can tune in at 8pm EST to […]

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