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Take Flight Without Leaving the City

via Teresa Kruszewski

via Teresa Kruszewski

Flight, a new contemporary gastropub located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is named for the numerous tasting flights they offer for both food and drinks. The intimate space is decorated with vintage prints, photos and drawings, with charcoal gray leather banquettes and an impressive 33-foot long oak bar. Brought to you by restauranteurs Dermot Kelly, Taukiv Azam and Executive Chef Golam, the restaurant serves an eclectic selection of dishes with both Thai and Asian influences.

From fresh linguini and filet of flounder to burgers and mac n’ cheese, Flight has a diverse enough menu for everyone to enjoy. From our experience trying a wide array of dishes at the restaurant, it’s difficult to say what the standouts include…all of them are unique, special and delicious in their own way. The Butternut Squash Soup was a tasty twist on a classic, which included apple in it, giving it a unique, lighter taste. The Steamed PEI Mussels, which are served with one of three sauces (Thai style coconut curry, mariana, or Provencal), are simply outstanding. One of our favorite dishes of the evening was the Home Made Lobster Ravioli, which included butternut squash in a white truffle cream sauce and topped with prawn. It was creamy, rich in flavor, and absolutely to die for. The inventive dishes don’t stop with dinner, but also extend to dessert. We enjoyed their house made Brown Bread Ice Cream, which really hit the spot.
As far as flights go, there are a few tasting flights to choose from, including the Slider Flight, Barn Yard Flight (filet mignon, rack of lamb, southern friend chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables), and the Seafood Flight (jumbo crab cake, blue corn crusted calamari, roasted jumbo shrimp). There are also an array of wine and spirits flights, such as Around the World Whites (3 for $14), Around the World Reds (3 for $15), Irish Whiskey (3 for $15), Bourbon Whiskey (3 for $12) and Single Malt (3 for $15), as well as a select your own beer flight, which includes four 6-ounce pours for $12. In addition to their flights, the restaurant also has a full service bar, cocktail menu and will soon be introducing weekly jazz nights.
Now you can finally take flight in New York City without your feet leaving the ground!
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