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The Answer to Your Cider Woes



Cider has become ever popular lately, with brands like Angry Orchard and Magner’s taking over the shelves at liquor stores, grocers, and bars. Because cider is gluten-free, many people prefer it to beer, but not everyone likes its super sweet taste. Enter Cliffton Dry Cider. Founding partner Shelagh D’Arcy-Hinds, who is originally from South Africa, was inspired to create the beverage when she realized that the ciders she were accustomed to back home were missing here in the states.

The unique cider is made using fresh, hand-picked apples from orchards in the Finger Lakes region of New York and the result is a light, bubbly refreshment that is both sugar and gluten-free. Cliffton Dry is all natural, organic and a great addition to your fridge. More reminiscent of a sparkling wine than a cider, Cliffton is much lighter than the heavy ciders you are used to, making it much easier to enjoy. The drink is low in calories and has 5.5% abv.


As someone who has long been a fan of cider, I was immediately impressed with Cliffton Dry. I loved that it gave me the refreshing, bubbly taste I was used to without the often off-putting sweetness. Unlike standard ciders in the United States, this is one that you could drink all night long without feeling bloated and wake up the next morning sans hangover.

Lucky for us, Cliffton Dry is making its way into more and more retailers and local restaurants. In fact, New Yorkers can try out the cider themselves at some of their upcoming tastings.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite cider brand? Will you be trying out Cliffton Dry Cider? Discuss below!

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