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The Naked Truth: Hollywood’s Secrets Unveiled



It is all glitz and glamour when we look at the big stars. We think that everything is peachy because these are people who all have it together. The cool career, a lot of money, jewels, and hanging out with other rich people are some of the things that make us want to live that life. But are they really perfect? Award winning costumer designer Jean-Pierre Dorleac opens the curtain to the parties, productions and shows of Hollywood in his novel The Naked Truth. We get a taste of the classic glamour from Old Hollywood from someone that was an integral part of brining that glamour to the big screen.

It seems that Jean-Pierre’s big career really started when he signed with a major Hollywood studio on December 22nd, 1977. From there on out, his career really took off. From working on the The Blue Lagoon and Galactica it seems that Jean-Pierre was able to achieve a sense of designing the costumes and making them seem authentic and seamless as shown by what one journalist said to him at an after party for the premiere of The Blue Lagoon. The journalist, like many other people, must think that a costume designer doesn’t do much, “Wow, you sure had an easy job on this film, didn’t you?’ he laughed affably. ‘What costumes? Right?’ Especially when watching a film like The Blue Lagoon, you might also wonder what costumes did the designer have to pick out? But it is much deeper than that, and aside from giving us the tidbits of what happens behind the scenes, we are able to see the hard work that a costume designer has to do. Harder work, when a show has had their budget decreased, like Galactica, and costume designers still need to produce quality costumes.

Jean Pierre-Dorleac also gives us an insight to the rise of his career. As a French man, why would he want to move to the states? Everyone knows that France had one of the biggest fashion scenes back then. So why would Jean-Pierre move over to the United States and kick off his career as a costume designer here instead of his homeland? That is very easy question to answer; because of the success that Hollywood has with big movies and television. This was his moment to leave a legacy behind and be recognized for his talent.

This hilarious tell-all spans 12 years of numerous Hollywood productions. The tales that we read from Jean-Pierre Dorleac’s point of view are some that leave you in stitches. You can’t really tell what goes on behind a production until you have worked on one, or like this book: you get a sneak peek into from a firsthand account. If you have not picked up this book, make sure to go over to Jean-Pierre’s website for more information on how to pick up a copy and be entertained by this hilarious novel. If you want to get an in-depth look into the making of his career during the time that he worked on such productions as The Blue Lagoon, Knightrider, and Valley of the Dolls, and many more, make sure to pick up The Naked Truth: An Irreverent Chronicle of Delirious Escapades.

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  1. What a talented man including his writing.
    Great summer book…quick to read and filled with laughter! Awesome and amazing.

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