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The Perfect End of Summer Sip


Cloudy Bay

As the summer comes to an end and everyone tries to get their last little bits of vacation and sun time, it’s nice to enjoy some great summer sipping wines and take in what we have left until the days get shorter, and the weather starts to cool down. The farmer’s markets however, are still in full bloom and you should certainly be taking as much advantage of them as possible, because they, too, will soon dwindle away. A nice summer wine I recently tried was a 2012 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. This New Zealand wine is crisp, clean, and has a gripping acidity; perfect for a hot summer day, and great with food!

Scallops & Cloudy Bay

Taking full advantage of the farmer’s markets, this wine had to be paired with two dishes. The first, Pan Seared Scallops over Grilled Asian Eggplant, Onions, and Asparagus. The meatiness of the scallops and the subtle flavor in the eggplant balanced the Sauvignon Blanc very well, and our taste buds could not have been happier! This wine is full of citrus and zest, making it very pleasing for any palate.


For the second dish, it had to be mussels. Steamed Mussels with Purple Basil, Garlic, White Wine, and Tomatoes. This dish was simple and delicious and with the addition of Grilled Sour Dough, the broth was perfect for dipping! What is beautiful about Purple Basil is not only the color, but how fresh and enticing it is to put into every dish. Whenever you can find it, get it, because it looks striking in tomato salads, with pasta, and even on pizza! The wine’s acidity and citrus notes complimented the mussels very well, as they are light, but meaty, and cut through the striking acidity.

Now, you can always pair this Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc with other dishes besides shellfish, as it is a very food friendly wine. At $27.99 per bottle for this wine, it is absolutely worth the price and you will enjoy it until every last drop! Click here to find out where to purchase!

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  1. An NZ Sauvignon Blanc … perfect for those dishes from the sea. Looks yum!

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