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The Petite Shop Introduces Sourcery



Petite women rejoice!!! Elizabeth Bates has answered all of our prayers and has turned fashion for us upside down! We can now enjoy amazing and stylish clothing from some of our favorite designers and the best thing is that these clothes actually fit us! Can this really be true?

Elizabeth Bates first introduced The Petite Shop in 2012 as the first retailer to sell clothes exclusively for women 5’4 and under. This is a huge sigh of relief for petite women, myself included, who sometimes have to shop at the junior section; or can never really find clothing that fit them properly. While it can sometimes be affordable to shop at the juniors section, you are not always able to find age appropriate clothing there. Elizabeth has completely changed that because The Petite Shop caters to us petites and has age appropriate and stylish clothing that we can wear! Elizabeth has now gone one step further to make sure that we also have input into what we wear. We actually get to choose what gets produced!

The Petite Shop introduces us to its new endeavor: Sourcery. Sourcery gives fans a chance to pick what type of clothes designers are going to produce for consumers. The best part is that you have well-known designers and independent designers all striving to make clothes that will fit petite women and make us look good. The way that this works is that each collection is launched every four weeks and lasts four weeks. Fans can then go and pre-order the item that they want to buy and when an item reaches the minimum number of pre-orders within those four weeks, the item will then go into production. Easy, simple, and stylish; and at the end of the day we are able to wear clothing that we had an input into making.

While checking out the collections at the London Hotel, I was very impressed with the clothing that I could possibly wear; from maxi dresses and yoga pants to blazers and pencil skirts, there was a good variety of clothing and designers. I was instantly drawn to two items that I could see myself wearing. Yoana Baraschi really left me in awe with her Andy “Lace Up” Petite Ponte Blazer and the Andy “Lace Up” Petite Pencil Skirt. Both items are so edgy with their laced up sides and, of course, my favorite color is black. One item that I am looking forward to is the Padma Bootleg Petite Yoga Pants from Nux. These pants come premeasured at the end of each pant leg so that if the pants are too long, you know where you have to hem them so that they fit you. So Sourcery is not only bringing comfort and convenience to the petite woman, but also a letting us voice what should be produced; at the end of the day that is what’s going to make this capsule collection idea go far. You can go to www.thepetiteshop.com to check out clothing from The Petite Shop and to see what collections are available to pre-order from Sourcery now.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of this concept? Will you be pre-ordering some of the clothing sold by Sourcery? Discuss below!

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