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The Vibrant World of Joyce Peñas Pilarsky Designs



Vibrant, distinguished, and one of a kind are the words that can be used to describe the Joyce Peñas Pilarsky daywear and evening gown collections. Ms. Pilarsky is not only a fashion designer, but also a model, singer, beauty queen, and philanthropist, among many other things. Just this year, she was crowned the winner of the Classic Mrs. Asia International Global 2014; the honor was especially prestigious because she was the first Filipina to win this honor.


All of the pieces in her collection are made from natural materials so the clothing does not irritate the skin. The concept of the collections is to enhance the beauty of the Filipina woman, but when you really look at the clothing you can tell she designs for the everyday woman. The Spring/Summer 2015 collection includes bright outfits that really stand out. She makes good use of vibrant colors and intricate detailing on the dresses. The Spring/Summer 2015 collection also includes a Royal Blue and a Pink Barong Tagalog for men.


Joyce Peñas Pilarsky recently had her designs showcased during Fashion Week Brooklyn Spring/Summer 2015, and The Emerging Trends during Boston Fashion Week 2014. Emerging Trend? Indeed it is! If her fashion sense is any sign of what is to come from this designer, Pilarsky’s next collection should be as outstanding as this one or more.  If you are interested in learning more about her collections or the designer herself in general you can visit her website.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of Joyce Peñas Pilarsky designs? Do you see yourself wearing some of her designs? Discuss below!


  1. nice photos, who is the photographer?

    • Thank you. The photos were provided by the designer herself and she did not mention who the photographer was.

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