Bottoms Up — October 28, 2013 at 11:00 am

Totally Rad: Wine Awesomeness!


Every month your letter box piles up with an unsightly number of bills. One for your phone, one for electric, maybe one for that gym you signed up for but never attend– either way, you get the point. Why not receive a delicious bottle of wine once a month instead, or several for that matter? Wine Awesomeness is a unique company founded by four young chaps from Charleston, South Carolina. Their business model revolves around an online catalog of various wines and also offers monthly subscriptions as great gift ideas or for the average wine enthusiast looking to try something new. Club Awesomeness is a special membership offered by WA, which allows you to receive wine weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The subscription cost is $40/ 3 bottles or $75/ 6 bottles — a total steal. They have an extensive selection of wine at very reasonable prices. All of WA wines are hand selected and outperform in their categories. Along with your subscription, you also receive recipe ideas and playlists for you to enjoy your wine with. Receiving new bottles each month is a great way to experience a large array of wine varieties and keep the pallet interested. Wine doesn’t have to be disingenuous or a past-time of the elite, it can be a wonderful weekly accent.

What I really love about WA is their company manifesto. Their goal is to liberate the world from the shackles of pretentiousness, and change most people’s general opinion on wine. As a Malbec fan, I enjoy trying new varieties, but sometimes hesitate to spend an excessive amount. At the end of the day wine is grape juice, and unless you’re a vintner or entering the Decanter World Wine Awards, chances are you wouldn’t be able to distinguish a $50 bottle from a $300 bottle. WA doesn’t just sell wine, but also raises money for noteworthy causes through the sale of their sparkling splendor. Champagne (v)- for a cause was created by Wine Awesomeness as a way for them to help others in need, in a selfless favor. Half of all proceeds from Champagne and sparkling wine sales are donated to several charities that change quarterly. Some of the charities include Malaria No More, GirlUp, and My New Red Shoes. Why not purchase some excellent wine and donate to a great cause simultaneously?! Check out their site, browse the selection and experience the awesomeness.

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