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Two New Lunch Spots to Check Out ASAP


Untamed Sandwiches


The sophomore follow-up to its Midtown West flagship, the new Dumbo location seeks to bring flavor and style to this ultra-hip, start-up focused neighborhood.

With cleverly named sandwiches built for all types of eaters, Untamed is a fun, satisfying way to chow down between the bread. Not crazy about bread? Don’t worry, the owners have got you covered. You can opt for a platter, served over cheddar jalapeno grits, or have your meats and veggies served over a salad of fresh market greens and a lemon vinaigrette. Gluten-free bread is also available.

Here’s what we loved:


The sandwich that started it all, this OG is still as satisfying as ever. Red wine braised goat meat, carrots, kohlrabi slaw and whipped goat cheese come together to form the perfect combination of savory goodness.

The Butt

Pretty self-explanatory, but this pork butt braised in cider adds an extra hint of sweetness to these already hefty sandwiches. Sharp cheddar cheese and broccoli rabe round it out, with the the one-two punch of pepper jelly and Dijon mustard for extra flavor.


Sheemaker’s Bounty

Quite possibly one of the strangest combinations to hit even a vegan restaurant, this sandwich fries almond butter and pairs it with charred broccoli and pickled raisin jelly, giving it a cruciferous take on a PB&J. Bizarre as this combo may be, I couldn’t put it down.

Nettle Neck

The flavor of this was too pronounced for my liking, but this sandwich rips your favorite Easter dish off the tablecloth-covered dining room table and repurposes it for an on-the-go scenario. The bread is slathered with a delightful walnut nettle pesto, the better to accentuate the braised lamb neck within. Gruyere cheese is a fantastic pairing but the baby onions and grilled onion tops are so prominent that it drowns out anything else in each bite.


Frere Jacques

Beef brisket, caramelized onions, whole grain mustard, and gruyere cheese. Classic French, classic sandwich. Can’t lose with this one.



This newly renovated lunch spot on 28th Street and Madison Avenue evokes the esthetic of Venice Beach, California. The wide, open dining room, floor to ceiling windows, and white washed walls makes it a very calming environment to order a very healthy lunch.

Not only is the food here healthy and packed with as much flavor as it is nutrients, but it is all locally, organically sourced, with emphasis placed on in-season ingredients and a constant commitment to freshness. EXKi is derived from the French word “exquis,” which means exquisite or delightful.  EXKi’s goal is to provide a healthy and delightful experience that keeps guests coming back for more. The service at EXKi is kind and helpful, and you couldn’t ask for a better overall lunch time dining experience.

Here’s what we loved:

Bowls Bowls Bowls


The main attraction here at EXKI are the grain bowls, which you can craft yourself or order one of the house specials. You can also order these over greens, but the grains really make it a substantial lunch option that won’t leave you hankering for a 3pm snack.

We ordered the rosemary garnished salmon bowl, which is served over a quinoa/cauliflower rice blend, roasted broccoli, and toasted almonds. I chose to add a butternut squash sauce, which was absolutely the right call.

The roasted chicken bowl was also a solid choice, served with farro, watercress, roasted peppers and toasted walnut dressing. It was so refreshing to sample two different main dishes that don’t sacrifice flavor for health.


The matcha latte, at the very height of fashion right now, is an absolute must, along with off the beaten path brands of teas, lemonades, and flavored seltzers, all of which are delicious, and healthy!

If you’re eating at the same sad salad place every day or trying to slim down before the holiday rush, check out Exki when you can. You won’t be disappointed.

Twisted Talk: Have you been to either of these places before? What’s do you normally eat for lunch? Discuss below!

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