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Unique and Unusual Gifting All Year Round


As the years go by it becomes more and more frustrating getting your friends, family and loved ones gifts for the holidays. We all have a friend who has everything, a picky father or the sister who only has cutting edge gizmos. Hammacher Schlemmer, the legendary brand, which is now celebrating 165 years in New York City, is a solution to an age old problem: what should I buy? The landmark store just reopened with a bang (Martha Stewart was in attendance) and has the most unique and unusual array of products you could ever hope to find. Even spending some quality time in this store is a gift in itself…where else are you going to find a killer whale submarine or a flight simulator?

But in reality, us ordinary folks can’t afford those crazy cool gizmos, so Hammacher Schlemmer also has products to appease all price points. Here are some of our top picks right now!

iphone photo printer

The iPhone Photo Printer: This amazing gadget allows you to print out the photos you take on your iPhone, iPad and Android phones, without the use of ink cartridges and at lightening speed. It can even print out those panoramic pics you take on occasion. Additionally, no software is required – all you need to do is download the free app on your iPhone!

snowball blaster

The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher: Don’t act like you don’t want this. Even if you keep your time frolicking in the snow to a minimal, you have to admit that this thing could keep you outdoors for hours. This toy allows you to launch snowballs up to 50 feet and packs three perfect snowballs. It also comes with targets for shooting practice.

call me gloves

The Call Me Gloves: For those frosty days when you want to keep warm but just have to take that phone call comes the Call Me Gloves. These useful babies allow the wearer to conduct cell phone calls wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. The gloves contain a speaker inside the left thumb and a microphone in the left pinky, allowing the user to remain warm and toasty while discussing the latest episode of Scandal.

beverage cooler

The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler: We all love to be the life of the party, but this fun product is about to outshine you. This compact cooler, which has room for six cans or bottles and ice, is remote controlled, meaning that you can bring the party right to your guests. No need to get up to get another drink because, yes, we are that lazy.

cotton candy maker

The Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker: Now you no longer have to wait for the next carnival to come to town to have some of that awesome cotton candy. All you have to do is place sugar-free hard candy, granulated sugar or regular hard candy into the heating chamber and in just minutes you’ve got yourself an authentic cotton candy. Childhood dream come true!

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