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Verizon FiOS and Chill: The Best Romantic Movies to Hunker Down With This Winter


Whether you’re coupled, single or dating, winter is the best time of year to stay indoors, cuddle up on the couch, and watch TV. With cold days looming ahead, it’s inevitable that you will find yourself on many a night in. ‘Netflix and chill’ may be a solid option, but Verizon FiOS has way more on demand options to choose from. So take it up a notch this season with Verizon FiOS and chill — we’ve got our top 10 romantic movies to keep you warm this winter.

Save the Last Dance


Great music, great dancing, and one awesome couple battling their way through racism and other struggles makes for a great throwback movie choice.

That Awkward Moment


This recent romantic comedy is perfect for the current dating generation. Plus, it stars three super hot dudes.



Can any list of romantic movies not include Titanic? Old school Leo DiCaprio, a great historical disaster, and a steamy romance make this one of the best romantic movies of all time.

The Fault in Our Stars


If you’re looking for a tear jerker, this is it. Two teens battling cancer find love. We won’t give anything away, but be sure to have a box of tissues nearby.



Can you tell we like dance movies? This classic never gets old.

When Harry Met Sally


From friendship to a relationship, this movie is a New York staple.

Runaway Bride


Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Need I say more?

The Sweetest Thing


This romantic comedy can make me laugh out loud no matter how many times I watch it. Plus, the cast is awesome.

Across the Universe


A little bit trippy, a lot a bit awesome. This romantic film is set to music by the Beatles, so add it to your must watch list.

Before Sunset


This is part two of three of the Before Sunrise series, which makes for a great binge-watching session. Just make sure you watch them in order.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for which I have received compensation. Please note all opinions are my own.

Twisted Talk: How many of these movies have you seen before? What are your top 10 favorite romantic movies? Discuss below!


    • Thanks Robyn! I haven’t seem them all in a long time so hopefully I can make my way through them!

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