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Your 2017 Summer Drink List Just got Upgraded


Summertime is upon us, and nothing sounds better after a rainy, cold intro to the season than a day spent in the sunshine with a delicious alcoholic beverage in hand.  Check out our newest obsessions.

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Guinness Irish Wheat 

In a chic gallery in Chelsea, complete with exposed brick, an outdoor space, and slick cherry wood floors, Guinness introduced its newest addition to its classic line of Irish beers.

Paired with tiny bites of summer friendly staples like mini grilled cheese and baby tacos, the Irish wheat was a huge hit among the attendees unfamiliar with Guinness’ lighter side.

Grown in the Midlands, Ireland’s version of a prairie, golden wheat is harvested and churned into a smooth, refreshing wheat beer. Guinness Irish Wheat isn’t too heavy or sweet, making it ideal for hot weather consumption, and boasts notes of clove, banana and citrus.  This flavorful brew leaves you with a crisp, zesty taste and a yearning for another one.

Real McCoy

The Real McCoy – Prohibition Era Rum

In 1920, Bill McCoy loaded up a boat filled with Caribbean rum, sailed up the East Coast, and anchored his floating bar in (technically) international waters during the Prohibition Era. The Real McCoy, an authentic, small batch crafted product, pays homage to a pioneer of the liquor industry by keeping to his tenets of ethically producing rum in copper pot stills and bourbon barrels with NO added sugar. That last point gives The Real McCoy a distinct advantage over the often saccharin-filled mass produced rums we’ve come to accept as the status quo. This rum drinks like a fine whiskey and is best enjoyed with one ice cube, or in creative cocktails like ‘The Refashioned’, a take on the whiskey-based Old Fashioned, that’s simply rum, bitters, and raw cane sugar.

mionetto rose prosecco

Mionetto Prosecco

National Rosé Day may be over, but it certainly won’t stifle our pink wine obsession for Summer ’17.  Mionetto’s Extra Dry Rosé Prosecco is an excellent way to incorporate pink-hued bubbly into your life, preferably while overlooking a body of water and paired with an excellent cheese. While the wine is floral and fragrant, it lacks the syrupy sweetness that is prevalent among more budget-friendly rosé wines. It’s an ideal summer beverage that you should add to your home bar immediately.

3R Tequila

3R Tequila

Founder Marco Gallegos, a third generation tequila producer, wants to change the way you think about small batch liquor. 3R Tequila Blanco is a tequila with identity, born of a love story centered around Marco’s abuelo. Only the finest agave plants are utilized for the smooth liquid that fills the artistically driven 3R bottles. Through trial and error and a lot of experimenting, Marco arrived at a solution: focus on the quality of smell. The olfactory aspect of drinking tequila proved to be the way to win people over, because “your nose will register a strong agave aroma that is smooth and gentle.” We agree.

Twisted Talk: What’s your go-to drink of the summer? Will you try any of these new drinks? Discuss below!

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