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4 Teas You Probably Don’t Know but Definitely Should


Whether you drink it hot or cold, there’s no question that tea never goes out of style. And since style is the name of the game, it’s best to be up to date on all the latest fashions. Most people have their favorite go-to teas and tea brands, but with the new year approaching, it’s time to broaden your palate and explore different options. From top brands to small batches, we’ve found four amazing teas you probably haven’t heard of…but definitely should.



AriZona OakAriZona Iced Tea is a brand that everyone already knows and loves. Taking things to the next level, the company recently launched AriZona Oak Reserve, which is a 100% natural tea brewed with American oak chips. The first of its kind, the new product comes in lightly sweetened, unsweetened and lemon flavored versions, all of which are equally satisfying. Additionally, the unsweetened version contains zero calories, while the other two clock in at only 30 calories per serving. Our personal favorite, the lightly sweetened, includes very subtle hints of honey, maple syrup and cane sugar, making for both a refreshing and tasty drink.


Dona Chai: Hailing from Brooklyn, Dona Chai is a fresh chai concentrate that is preservative-free. The tea is hand-crafted in small batches using cold-pressed ginger, vanilla bean, freshly ground cinnamon bark, green cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns and a loose-leaf black tea. Following the brewing process, the concentrate is then lightly sweetened with pure can sugar and molasses. The resulting flavor is rich and delicious, with an amazing balance of all the ingredients and is definitely a tea you’ll want to snuggle up next to the fireplace with. Tea concentrate is a quick and easy way to make tea, especially when serving for a large group…we know you’ve got holiday parties coming up! Dona Chai can be found at numerous coffee shops throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as at Whole Foods.


Little Miracles: This bottled organic tea is unique in that it combines tea with super fruit juice. The idea for Little Miracles came about from travel in China, where the use of Chinese ginseng root is said to allow farmers to up their energy. Little Miracles uses panax ginseng, acai and other high quality ingredients to help provide people with an extra pick me up. Clocking in at under 90 calories per bottle and free from artificial colors, flavors  and sweeteners, and sweetened with agave, Little Miracles is a healthy and guilt-free way to get a refreshing boost of energy any time of day. And if you’re worried that all the healthy ingredients packed into the bottle results in a not so tasty drink, think again. In 2013, Little Miracles was awarded the Quality Food Award for Best Cold Beverage, which is awarded based on taste, quality, price, design and packaging. In fact, Little Miracles comes in four great and tasty blends — Green Tea & Pomegranate, White Tea & Cherry, Black Tea & Peach and Lemongrass Tea, Orange Juice & Ginger. Little Miracles retails for $1.99 and are sold nationwide at places such as Bloomingdales, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target and

Palais des Thés_N25 - Cannelle & Orange - Ambiance Shot

Palais des Thés: This famous Parisian tea company has been impressing customers for almost 30 years. In keeping up with tradition, the company has released a limited edition holiday collection of teas, one of which is the N°25 Cannelle & Orange tea. The latest addition to the holiday collection combines green tea with lovely holiday flavors such as cinnamon, orange peel, almond, ginger, lemon zest and vanilla pods. The blend of these flavors is incredible, not one outshines the other, and the aroma of cinnamon will be sure to make you merry. This wonderful tea, which will pair incredibly well with any holiday desserts, comes in a gift-ready metal canister and retails for $21. This flavor, along with the other teas in the holiday collection, can be purchased online or in either of the company’s New York City locations.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite kind of tea? Will you try out any of these new teas this season? Discuss below! 

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